How do you stand out in a sea of other companies with your brand? Do you shout louder? Or maybe, use brighter colours? These are incredibly simple approaches and might make a potential customer look your way but fail to actively engage them. However, one thing that we as humans love is a story. 

Showcase your narrative

Throughout history we have been drawn to individuals who can communicate in interesting and engaging ways. Your business may not be an individual but that doesn;t mean you can’t speak to your customers in a personable manner. We like to feel like we’re not just talking to a robot or corporate entity, why do you think customer service is so important? Let your customer in on what makes you and your company tick, let them know your business on a more personal level and they’ll be more likely to buy into your products/services.

This doesn’t just mean putting a few paragraphs on your website and telling your customers how you set up the company because it was your dream. It extends to having a consistent marketing message across all platforms and media that helps you portray your narrative visually, audibly, written and whatever other way you can think of.

Include your customer

David Lloyd’s book, How to Make Great Radiotalks about the power of the word ‘you’. Although he talked about this in relation to a radio host connecting to their listeners, it’s totally applicable to business. Throughout this article, you may have noticed I’ve been using that exact tactic and addressing you directly because I want to talk to you. This can be a very powerful marketing tool and when you become aware of it, it can be a great weapon in your arsenal.

Make your customers feel like you are talking to them, listening to their needs and trying to help them. When you make it personal and the customer feels that they can connect with you then you have a strong brand. Forgoing ‘corporate speak’ and turning your focus towards your customers can lead to stronger connections that ultimately help build brand loyalty. 

So, in a sea of brands and companies shouting for attention at the top of their lungs. Maybe you can just… talk to your customers.

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