Developing a strong and reputable brand is imperative in business, and is the pinnacle of success. Brand awareness is vital for creating a favourable and lasting impression amongst existing customers and motivating potential customers to purchase your product or service. Branded Merchandise can help elevate your reach through bespoke gifts.

Why branded merchandise works

For brand awareness to grow, the brand identity itself needs to be memorable. If your logo and tagline are printed on a product, it will stick in the minds of customers more consistently.

Furthermore, branded merchandise not only creates traction with those that receive them first-hand but also continues to build your awareness and reputation when they end up in the hands of others.

Almost two-thirds of people who receive a merchandise product end up giving it to friends, family or work colleagues. Each item you design and distribute has a knock-on effect that will last for much longer than you might assume.

A survey conducted by BPMA recognised that 79% of customers feel ‘appreciated’ when they receive a piece of branded merchandise.

Everyone loves getting something for free, by gifting corporate merchandise it will enable you to increase your brand’s reach. Customers will also be able to recall your brand and awareness successfully increases.

How to effectively use branded merchandise

We recommend selecting products that directly correlate to your company and choose items that are appropriate for the brand. For example, a fitness company may choose items such as reusable water bottles, towels and t-shirts.

Brand Elevation can help source the perfect range of bespoke merchandise for your business, get in touch today for a free consultation.

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