Joe here, I’m pretty new to the branding game but I’m not new to storytelling. With a background in Journalist, videography and theatre, I’m focused on narratives. You might think that is unrelated to branding and marketing but you’d be wrong. Your promotional video is telling your brand story, whether than is a business or product/service. 

Content and digital marketing are more important than ever and here are 5 tips on how to make a good branding video for your business.

  1. Why? You need to ask you’re the purpose of your video

It’s a simple question but why are you making this video and what’s your objective? 

You need to think of your overall goal and work backwards. Make a story board, we do this befre every video, as it can be tempting to just film a lot of random stuff. Without knowing why you’re making the video and planning it carefully, you’re likely to miss the point and have to start it again. Know your objective and goal and have a plan!

  1. Who is it for?

Now that you know why you’re making the promo/brand video, you have to understand who you’re making it for. Who are your target audience and let them know about a new offer or update? Or, maybe you’re looking to attract new clientele? Whichever it is, you’ll need to know that before even considering angles or shots. Any good production has a better pre-production and this goes back to the first point, have a plan! 

  • Be Unique

We all know those corporate videos that have the same corporate look, feel and music we’ve all heard a million times. We always make our videos to different styles to keep them engaging.

You need to think of your company’s way of doing things, in other words, your company’s ‘voice’. The only way you’ll stand out is if you’re not following the crowd and falling into line with the mainstream marketing/branding tactics.

  1. The edit

You don’t need Hollywood levels of editing hardware or software to make a good brand video (although that would help) it can be done on the cheap. If you have a Mac it comes pre-programmed with iMovie, a simple but elegant programme, or there are any number of open source editing software online. It’s more about the style or tone you’re looking to convey. If it’s quick and snappy that you’re looking, have some energetic music in your library (just make sure you have permission to use it or it’s creative commons) along with quick edits. This goes back to the previous points as well, make sure you know what the tone is going to be so that you can get the necessary shots and angles for the edit. Oh, and make sure your computer can handle it!

  1. Show yourself!

I don’t mean that in the confrontational cop kind of way, I mean show your branding and logo in the video. It’d be weird for a company to make a video promoting themselves and not do these things but you’d be surprised. Make sure that items showing your brand or colours are visible in the video, not only do we recommend that you should your products clearly but make sure they are the main feature, maybe showing how your product or service can be used in different ways,   but it can give the video good visual cohesion. It’s also a good idea to end on one of these shots and with a call to action so that the customer is clear who this promo is for and what they should do next.

Not everyone is the next Speilberg and if you have no idea where to start when it comes to brand videos feel free to get in touch with Brand Elevation. We’re here to help.